Ascent to the summit of Hodja Gur Gur Ata

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The massif of Hodja Gur Gur Ata whose name means "Father of all caves" is a faraway edge of harsh and very wild nature. The giant beveled peak of the mountain range ends with a dizzying five-hundred-meter cliff on one side, deep canyons, tear-cracked plateaus on the other, fossilized dinosaur tracks, basalt shards and gravel of the most bizarre forms, burial of a saint and a height of 3700 m.

If the spirit of the traveler lives in you, and you are ready to accept the challenge, we invite you to one of the most fascinating journeys in your life. Already the entrance to the mountain itself is an adventure. On off-road cars we will overcome various road difficulties. Our path will run through the raging mountain rivers, along the steep slopes of mountain forests and alpine meadows. As a result, we will visit the alpine meadows at an altitude of 2800 m, where the base camp will be located. From the place of our BL there will be a beautiful view of Hodja Gur Gur Ata and the mountain lake Raushan.

The steep vertical slope of Hodja Gur Gur Ata has entrances to many caves, many of which have not yet been explored. Welcome to the mysterious Father of all Caves.

Start of the tour: Boysun Accommodation: Camping.
End of tour: Boysun Tour category: Mountain hiking, Extreme tours.
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights Сities: Boysun.
  • Day 1: Boysun

    Meeting in Boysun.

    Moving to the Derbent Gorge. Beginning Excursions: visiting the grotto of Zindonak, visiting the cave Khozhimoyota, visiting the canyon of Kaptarkhona.


    Bathing in a river.

    Ride on an off-road car to the top of an unnamed mountain (2500 m).

    Setting up the base camp.


    Preparation for the ascent.

  • Day 2: Boysun


    Ascent to the summit of Hodja Gur Gur Ata.

    Survey of the top and surroundings.

    Return to the base camp.

    Festive dinner.

    Passing the night.

  • Day 3: Boysun


    Return to Boysun.

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What's included
  • Transport service along the route;
  • Services of guides;
  • Meals according to the program;
  • Exotic dishes from game (partridge, rabbits);
  • The declared excursion program;
  • Provision of camp equipment (tents, karematy, sleeping bags, dishes).
What’s not included
  • Flight;
  • Insurance;
  • Meals outside the program;
  • Alcohol;
  • Additional excursions.