For tourists – BOOKATOUR is a website where you can easily find a tour that suits your criteria. We collect only the best offers from local tour operators. The service is free for tourists, only tour operators pay.

For tour operators – BOOKATOUR is an advertising platform for promoting tours to the whole world.


We try to do everything to help tourists find a tour they want.

How to find a best tour?

On bookatour.me you can find plenty of different tours provided by different local tour operators. To make it easier to find one suitable for you, tours can be filtered:

  • by categories: historical, gastronomic, medical, ethnic, hiking in the mountains, rallying, shopping tours, transit tours, city tours, bus tours, extreme tours, corporate tours, pilgrimage;
  • by duration;
  • by specific dates;
  • by price.

What are the guarantees?

Only licensed and certified local tour operators are presented on our website. The BOOKATOUR team is located in Uzbekistan and directly interacts with partners. Our customer service works 24/7. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What’s included in a tour’s price?

The BOOKATOUR website displays the best offers from 50+ licensed tour operators. Most tours include accommodation, registration, group transfers, selected meals, excursions. For more details, please read a tour’s description.

How can I pay?

BOOKATOUR does not accept payments. Payment for a tour is made according to the terms of a tour operator.

What if I can’t find a tour that suits me?

Guys, if you can’t find a suitable tour, you can send us a request for customized tour. Contact us through the form at the bottom of the page and we will send you all the details shortly after.

Do I have to book a hotel myself?

Hotel reservations are included in most of the tours on our website. There are exceptions. Please read description of tours carefully.

Do I have to buy flight tickets?

Most of the time flight tickets are not included in tour prices. Please check a tour’s description.

What is a transfer?

Transfer is meeting tourists at the airport, at the railway station or at the border and transferring them to the hotel. Usually a special transport is organized for group transportation but transfers on individual transport are also available.

Can I pay in cash? Card? What currency?

BOOKATOUR does not accept payments. Payment for a tour is made according to the terms of a tour operator.

What is the difference between individual and group tours?

Individual tours are provided specifically to a person or to a small group of people travelling together (like a family) for the dates they choose. Usually such tours include a personal transport with a guide.

Group tours (or guaranteed departure tours) are organized for specific number of people for a specific date. A group is formed in advance and consists of all the tourists who booked a tour for a particular date.

How do I know if I need a visa?

You can check if you need a visa by clicking in this article: Visa to Uzbekistan

Do I pay for a child?

Depends on the age. Please check the terms on a tour’s page.

Do I need insurance and is it included?

Insurance is compulsory and usually it’s not included in a tour’s price. Please check the terms on a tour’s page.