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1. Key definitions

BOOKATOUR – is a website that connects tourists and tour operators. BOOKATOUR provides tour operators with advertising and information services by posting and promoting their tourist services in the Web.

Tour operator – a licensed and specifically certified company that provides tourist services.

Tour – a set of services that tour operators provide to tourists. Each tour belongs to a tour operator and is being posted on BOOKATOUR website only in the form of information with texts and photos.

Tourist – a person, or a group of people who book a tour through the BOOKATOUR website and hence request a service from a tour operator.

Content – photo, text and other types of information posted on BOOKATOUR website. Content belongs to BOOKATOUR website, except the content about tours.

Tour operator’s rating – a numerical value based on the feedback of tourists who used the services of a particular tour operator.

Tour’s rating – a numerical value based on the feedback of tourists who used the services of a particular tour.

Terms and conditions – conditions, tourists automatically agree with by interacting with BOOKATOUR website.

2. Our services.

BOOKATOUR provides tourists with the opportunity to choose a tour based on various criteria, such as:  costs of tours, duration, desired route and ratings based on reviews of tours and tour operators.

3. Content.

The rights to all the texts, photos and other information about tours belong to tour operators. BOOKATOUR is not responsible for the accuracy of the information about tours.

4. Prices.

BOOKATOUR provides services to tourists on a free basis.

5. Cookies.

Cookies are tiny files that websites place on your computer or other device when you browse the web. Like many websites, BOOKATOUR uses cookies to discover how people are using our services and to make them work better.

6. Payments.

BOOKATOUR does not accept payments. All financial relations between tourists and tour operators are maintained directly on the terms specified in the description of a tour.

7. Booking cancellation

Booking cancellation and cancellation fees are regulated according to the rules of a tour operator.

8. Force Majeure

Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances and in the event of inclement weather are regulated according to the rules of a tour operator.

9. Booking process.

A tourist chooses a suitable tour on the BOOKATOUR website, clicks "Book" button and receives an e-mail notification about the successful sending of his request to the tour operator. Within a short time, the tour operator confirms the booking and explain the next steps.

10. Tour details discussion.

All the details about a tour are discussed between tourists and tour operators directly.

11. Terms of group tours.

Group tours are regulated according to the rules of a tour operator.

12. Ratings and reviews.

Average rating of a tour and tour operator is calculated based on the ratings and reviews, left by tourists who actually used the service.

13. Disclaimers.

This website belongs to BOOKATOUR company and provides only advertising and information services. By using this website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions described here. BOOKATOUR has right to make changes at any time, and the changes may take effect immediately. BOOKATOUR does not guarantee the authenticity of a tour information. The responsibility for providing actual tours, their quality and completeness lies with tour operators. All users understand and take responsibility for all activities on the BOOKATOUR website and independently assess reliability of tour operators before booking a tour. In no case BOOKATOUR can be liable for any damage to the user.