"Yangiabad" resort - the treasure of the Chatkal mountains

Location - Yangiabad

"Yangiabad" resort and tourist base is located near the Chatkal mountains in the valley of the Kattasay river ("Big river"). There is a wide range of interesting pastime for visitors here:

  • skiing on a ski slope and a rope-way;
  • swimming in the purest mountain lake;
  • hiking in the mountains and exploring the area;
  • fishing in the Kattasay river.

The resort is open all year round, and the rooms are suitable for every taste. Therefore, at any time of year there are a lot of tourists here: one likes spring landscapes and fishing, and others come for skiing extreme. The resort provides excellent conditions for an unforgettable stay in an ecologically clean mountainous area. It is equipped with comfortable rooms, as well as a restaurant, night club, swimming pool and parking. Discounts are given for children.

If you are planning a vacation and haven’t chosen a place yet, come to "Yangiabad" mountain resort to pamper yourself with a great rest and recharge with unforgettable emotions in this "Pearl of the Chatkal Mountains".

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