Yurt Camp near Aydar Lake

Location - Aydar lake

Due to heavy floods in 1970-s wastewater of the Syrdarya River flew from Shardara reservoir in Arnasay basin. It resulted in creation of the basinal Lake Aydarkul. The lake extends for 160 km in length, and its greatest depth is 33 meters. The Lake fishery is well developed, as it is rich in many species of fish. The lake itself is very far from local municipalities and it seems that no one is here. Nevertheless, it is at first sight of the tourist who has come here for the first time.

In 10 km from the Lake there is the yurt camp of the same name "Aydarkul”, that now extends into the heart of the Kyzyl Kum desert.  There is about a dozen of white-brown Karakalpak yurts in its possession, in which ecotourism lovers rest on the nature.

Yurt Camp near Aydar Lake

The concept of environmental or "green tourism" is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This type of tourism involves trips with the aim of enjoying and learning about nature, almost untouched by modern civilization and preserved in its original image. Flora and fauna are considered the major attraction for tourists here, i.e. nature itself in its various manifestations. That is Lake Aydarkul that has become one of the favorite places, visited by local and foreign tourists.

Despite the apparent distance from civilization, in the camp there are minimal prerequisites for life, namely, electricity, stationary toilets, showers, fans, heaters and even baby cots by request of visitors.

The yurt camp has its own program for guests which includes lunch on the shore of the Aydarkul Lake, riding on camels through the local valleys, fascinating excursion to Sarmish Gorge, where more than 3000 petroglyphs of ancient man were found, excursions to “red” desert Kyzyl-Kum. And of course, obligatory swimming in clean pleasant water of the Aydarkul and enjoyment of its expanse of heaven. In the evening, tourists enjoy delicious national dinner where they can learn cooking national dishes, because the camp owners are always very happy to hold a master class on preparation of their traditional dishes. You will also learn to bake delicious Uzbek bread and samsa in local Uzbek tandoor. After a heavy supper, you will hear a music program – the national concert with performances in traditional style with national music, songs and dances. Before going to bed, you can enjoy the endless starry sky through a telescope and listen to interesting stories.

Deprived of advanced civilization, this coastal place of rest hasn’t lost its beauty and peculiarity, but merely on the contrary, attract people more and more by its pristine and pure nature.

Photo: camping.uz

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