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Itinerary: Tashkent, Charvak lake, Tashkent (10 hours)

Tired of the whirlpool of everyday life? ULYSSE TOUR  offers you the best way to shake up, get a lot of bright emotions and impressions - go to the HELICOPTER TOUR! Make a dream come true, flying high into the sky by helicopter straight from Tas...

from $105 per person for 1 day Tour program
Itinerary: Boysun (3 days)

The massif of Hodja Gur Gur Ata whose name means "Father of all caves" is a faraway edge of harsh and very wild nature. The giant beveled peak of the mountain range ends with a dizzying five-hundred-meter cliff on one side, deep canyons, te...

from $180 for 3 days Tour program
Itinerary: Boysun (2 days)

If you like mountains, like to climb and discover new corners of the Earth, we suggest you to climb the Ketmanchapty massif (3006 m), one of the peaks of the Baysuntau ridge and visit the famous Teshik-Tash grotto.At the top of the array surrounded b...

from $85 for 2 days Tour program
Itinerary: Boysun (2 days)

Journey to a little-visited region - to the country of waterfalls. Narrow gorges covered with green, dense forests, high peaks and huge seasonal waterfalls with a height of more than 100m. A tent camp will be set up for you on the green glades among...

from $100 for 2 days Tour program
Itinerary: Shakhrisabz (2 days)

A fantastic trip to a unique landmark - a high-altitude observatory that conducts year-round scientific observation of the sky. The observatory is located in a mountainous area famous for its special astrophysical conditions, allowing to conduct astr...

from $100 for 2 days Tour program
Itinerary: Tashkent, Charvak lake, Chimgan, Beldersay, Tashkent, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Samarkand, Tashkent (7 days)

This exciting group tour adventure includes not only visiting the historic sights in Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. You will see beautiful mountains Chimgan, Charvak Lake, ancient city Shakhrisabz.

from $515 for 7 days Tour program
Itinerary: Boysun (2 days)

A magical excursion to the unique region lost among the mountains of Baysun, located in the heart of Southern Uzbekistan. Surrounded on all sides by mountains and canyons, this region managed to preserve its secrets, traditions and rituals. In this t...

from $65 for 2 days Tour program
Itinerary: Samarkand (3 days)

A fascinating combined speleo-historical tour to the mountainous part of ancient Kesh. This place has a rich history. Since ancient times the gorge of the Sarymas mountain range served as a caravan route, and the Yakkabag mountains themselves were us...

from $150 for 3 days Tour program
Itinerary: Samarkand (2 days)

An exciting cultural and educational excursion to the little-known places of the mountainous part of the Samarkand region, the so-called "Golden Samarkand Ring". In this tour, you will visit the Sufi garden "Chor-Chinor", once clo...

from $50 for 2 days Tour program