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About company

The “TES TOUR” company has been working since 2004, being professionals in the tourism business for more than 15 years.

  1. 15 YEARS IN TOURISM - Our professionalism is confirmed by years of successful and stable work.
  2. ALL TOURS AND SPECIAL OFFERS ON ONE SITE - the freshest, most profitable and bright tours, as well as current offers for you, are updated in a timely manner.
  3. Our company has developed more than twenty five routes:
    • Along the cities of the Great Silk Road;
    • By the roads of Alexander the Great;
    • The musical world of Uzbekistan;
    • At the junction of world religions;
    • Historical monuments of Buddhism;
    • Ecological tours;
    • Gastronomic tours;
    • Tours for VIP guests;
    • Business tours, etc.
  4. Arriving in Uzbekistan, you will be able to visit cities such as TASHKENT, SAMARKAND, BUKHARA, SHAKHRISABZ, KHIVA, KOKAND, MARGILAN and others, where you will get acquainted with:
    • with architectural monuments of the 10th-19th centuries: the Mausoleum of Ismail Somoni (10th century); The tomb of Kusama ibn Abbas, cousin of the prophet Muhammad (XI century); The Mausoleum of Amir Timur (XV century); Architectural complex Registan, consisting of three madrasahs (XV-XVII centuries); and other monuments of great interest to tourists from all over the world;
    • with the library of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan, where the unique OSMAN's QURAN  written in  year 653, is stored, as well as books of scholars and theologians of the 10th-19th centuries;
    • with the Margilan silk-weaving factory, where you can see 15 successive stages of the silk fabric production process;
    • with the process of growing cotton and picking raw cotton;
    • with the process of ceramic production in Tashkent, Gijduvan, Rishtan schools.
  5. And this is just a small digression of our proposals.
    TES TOUR offers combined tours in Central Asia, Iran and China in accordance with the requirements and wishes of our foreign partners. The main activities of the company are: MICE, VIP, groups, FIT, projects "along the Great Silk Road".
  6. We are always in touch - we are in touch with our tourists 24 hours a day! We provide comprehensive support from the moment of choosing a destination for rest until the very return from the trip.
  7. COLLECTION OF GREAT EXPERIENCES - on our website we are happy to share positive emotions from the journey. The gallery contains all the vivid memories of our customers. Charged with positivity and inspiration!

You can get a full range of services from our company: tours, tickets, visas, insurance. We will create any tour according to your desire and your budget.

  • Est. 2004
  • Number of tours 9
  • Booking through BOOKATOUR
  • Languages English, Deutsche, Russian
  • Head office Tashkent
  • Responsiveness 100%