Beldersay Cableway

Location - Beldersay

The famous "Beldersay" ski resort is located on the slope of Kumbel mountain in the spurs of the Western Tien-Shan. You can get to the resort from Tashkent in an hour and a half drive by car. The road is not too far, about 80 km, overcoming which, you will find yourself in a unique mountainous area, strewn with the archa forests, shrubs, mountain rivers and, of course, endless snow tops.

Mountain-skis routes of Beldersay are serviced by a cableway of a total length of 3 km. One-way riding of cable car takes about 25 minutes. In total, 3 cable cars are stretched on the territory of the complex: chairlift, towel or tow (also known as "mop") and a rope road designed for beginners (also known as "rope"). The chairlift is the longest - about 3 km, the "mop" is shorter - the length is 1 km, and the "rope" road takes only 100 meters and is usually very popular among those who are just beginning to master this popular type of active winter sport.

Beldersay Cableway

The cable-chair lift is usually launched with a minimum number of 10 people. Prices vary depending on the age and day of the week. Right at the foot of the chair lift there are several café-bars where you can eat a tasty snack, generate new energy or just relax from active skiing.   

Ski slopes are highly popular in winter, because Beldersay ski resort is an excellent place for skiing both for beginners and for professionals. It is also a perfect place to unwind in spring: firstly, Beldersay is opened at all around the year, and secondly, the mountain fascinates with the awakening of its beautiful nature, everything blooms and smells, you can climb the mountain and have a rest in a tent on the bank of a rustling mountain river, where you can fish. Fans of extreme can go rock climbing, for in spring one can discover many new mountains and rocks.

As you can see, both in winter and summer "Beldersay" welcomes visitors and tourists, pleases with its snow-white hills and blossoms of awakened nature, charges with sports energy and cools in summer. Don’t hesitate to voyage on the Beldersay cableway in order to see all the beauty of the mountain range and enjoy its nature from the height of the bird's flight, and you will get unforgettable impressions and a real aesthetic pleasure.

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