Ceramics workshop of Narzullaevs

Location - Gijduvan

Ceramics workshop of Narzullaevs: timeless traditions

There is a place in Gijduvan where it seems that time has stopped and does not have the least power over the present. Where modernity has not touched national traditions at all, but only on the contrary, has dissolved in their thousand-year history. This place is a workshop of Narzullaevs - the hereditary ceramists.

The production of ceramics in the city of Gijduvan was born almost from the moment of the formation of the city. And now, for 12 centuries, it has been successfully developing and gaining momentum. The Narzullaev family (father Ibodullo and his sons Alisher and Abdullo) has been leading this ancient national craft for many years. Talented masters create real works of art that are adorned at international exhibitions. Their laborious elegant work was appreciated by experts as well as ordinary lovers of beauty.

Ceramics workshop of Narzullaevs

There is a separate workshop specifically for tourists and guests. It includes the workshop itself, a ceramics museum and an exhibition hall. Always, there are a lot of people in the museum, tourists admire hand-made products: saucers, bowls, teapots, lyagans and other national dishes. But the main zest is "live master-classes" from the real professionals of their business. There is a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes how molding, drying, roasting and colorful painting of the long-awaited product happens. The spectacle is fascinating; besides you can make your own made saucer or bowl and keep it as a memory. Isn’t it wonderful?

To combine business with pleasure, to make a real Uzbek bowl, to plunge into the colorful workshop of experienced masters - all this is available for every tourist at Narzullaevs’. Arriving here, you will be surprised at how strong the spirit of patriotism and fidelity to own business are, and how favorite traditions are not subject to any years and changes.

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