Madrasah of Ulugbek in Gijduvan

Location - Gijduvan

Madrasah of Ulugbek in Gijduvan: the last one of the famous trio

Madrasah, located in Gijduvan, is considered the latest of the three famous educational institutions built by Ulugbek. The latest and the smallest, it closes the chain of madrasahs belonging to the great mathematician and astronomer. Two other of his brothers are in Bukhara and Samarkand. They are included in almost every tour, but the madrasah in Gijduvan is usually forgotten. And it’s a shame. By its beauty and elegance, it is not worse than its predecessors. Therefore, it deserves due regard and obligatory visit.

Madrasah of Ulugbek in Gijduvan

The Gijduvan Madrasah has two ayvans or two entrance arches. It was built in 1437. Inside there are a prayer mosque and "darshona" - a room for teaching. Glazed bricks, majolica and multi-colored tiles were used in decorating the madrasah. Thanks to them and the skillful work of the best architects, it was possible to show all the richness of decorative design.

When traveling in Bukhara, be sure to come to Gijduvan. It is not without reason that Ulugbek presented this city with his attention. Hence, for him it had a special meaning and value.

"Why Gijduvan?" - you ask. Come by yourself, and our guides will tell you about this secret.


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