Vozrozhdeniya Island

Location - Aral Sea

The Vanished Vozrozhdeniya Island

The Vozrozhdeniya (Renaissance) Island can be called an island only by old maps. The fact is that during the drying out of the Aral Sea, it actually merged with the land. It is located in the south-west of the former sea, in the Muinak district of Karakalpakstan.

The formation of this part of the land began in the XVI century. Even then, the Aral Sea began to dry up steadily. The island was discovered in the middle of the century before last. Approximately 120 years later, its area increased to 216 km.

In the middle of the last century biochemical tests were conducted here. The military tested new developments in the field of biochemical weapons on animals. Naturally, this episode could not but affect the flora, fauna and even the climate of the island. Moreover, the above actions took place here for half a century.

Vozrozhdeniya Island

Island merged with land today

Complete merger of the island with the mainland occurred relatively recently - in 2009. It is quite natural that people do not hurry to develop territory - nobody wants to live on land saturated with pesticides, near cemeteries of animals infected with anthrax, and not only that.

What is interesting about Vozrozhdeniya Island?

Today, the territory of the former island draws a lot of extreme tourists, eager to wander through the territory of the former military training ground. Also many ecologists and epidemiologists come here.

In view of the fact that in addition to the landfill itself, there was also a military settlement and a laboratory, the island is of considerable interest for fans of ghost towns. It is interesting that, despite the elimination of the landfill, the equipment was abandoned here. Wander through the deserted streets is interesting today.

By the way, the island is open for visiting, as the threat of infection is considered liquidated.

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