Zaamin Reserve

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The Zaamin Reserve is located in the mountains of Djizak region of Uzbekistan and is famous for the beauty of its landscapes. The reserve was founded in 1976 and covers an area of 24,000 hectares, most of which is forest land. A lot of animals live on the territory of the unique protected zone and more than 50 plant species grow there. Lynxes, bears, wolfs, Turkestan agamas, black storks, junipers, golden eagles, falcons and other animal can be found here and you a have a great chance to see them.

The word "zaamin" is translated as "arable land", which proved by its high fertility lands, where there is a huge number of fruit trees, coniferous and juniper forests, bushes and flowers grows. All this together with the mountain peaks provides an unusually fresh curative air as people say.

Zaamin Reserve

What else Zaamin reserve has in addition to its unique nature?

First of all, it is famous for its sanatorium of the same name, where people come to relax from a bustling city and fuss. It actively and successfully uses special climate therapy for people with diseases of the respiratory and nervous system, as it has long been known that fresh mountain air, and even with an abundance of vegetation, has a positive affect on the health and body.

In addition to therapeutic and preventive purposes, many tourists come to the Zaamin Reserve for the purpose of ecotourism, because the mountain landscape is perfect for this type of travel. The route program provides for visiting several interesting sights, including the oldest "Boboengok" nut tree, aged more than 7 centuries, the "Peshagar" cave in where objects of an ancient man's life were discovered, the memorial "Kuk Tunli ota", which became a place of pilgrimage for religious tourists, and also the famous spring "Sherbolok", the water in which flows from the bas-relief of the lion's head. There is a small waterfall on the territory of the reserve, it is a favorite place for tourists. The number of tourists who want to visit the wild nature of the Zaamin reserve grows every year for its healthy environment.

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