The Beaches of Charvak

Location - Charvak lake

Currently the most popular official beach on the Charvak basin is the beach at the "Charvak Oromgohi" Hotel or in another way so-called "Pyramids". The sandy beach is equipped with everything necessary for an excellent rest: there are shower cabins, changing cabins, awnings, rental outlets for sun loungers and life jackets, beach umbrellas and other necessary beach attributes. In addition, there are specially designated sports grounds for those who like active recreation in the beach. Here you can play football or volleyball.

The beach area was expanded, due to which it was divided into "new" and "old" beaches. The restaurant with delicious national cuisine was opened on the "new" beach. A beautiful view of the Charvak basin spreads out before you from the second floor of this restaurant. Riding on a water attraction called "banana", boats and catamarans is offered on the beach. There are always a lot of people along the coast especially at weekends. It is always very noisy and funny here.

The Beaches of Charvak

An alternative option to the crowded coast are quiet "wild" beaches where there is almost no one and there is absolute silence, only the sound of murmuring waves, and occasionally flying birds can be heard. Such beaches are a great place for seclusion with nature and yourself, where you can admire the marine color of smooth surface and green-brown mountains for hours, bathe in warm water and just have a good time away from the city noise and other bustle. However, it is not easy to find such a deserted beach, and most importantly, a safe descent to it, and only true fanciers of rest in "Charvak" know all the secret roads leading to the most colorific corners of the basin.

If you have such an opportunity, be sure to visit the official beach in the "Pyramids" and try to find the treasured path to a quiet uninhabited corner. Time spent alone with nature, will fill you with the best memories, excellent mood and feeling great for the following year.

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