Charvak Reservoir

Location - Charvak lake

The Charvak water storage reservoir is located in Tashkent region on the river Chirchik between spurs of Ugamsky and Chatkalsky ridges. Artificial lake was formed by a stone dam with a height of 168 meters in 1970 and had an area of over 37 km ². The reservoir is used for energy purposes and irrigation needs for the nearby fields in the Valley of the Chirchik.

Moreover, of course, in addition to irrigation, the artificial reservoir is used as an excellent leisure area. The Charvak water reservoir or simply "Charvak", as the locals call it, is a popular place for summer holiday of all people in Uzbekistan. According to local tradition, each resident at least once a year come to this place to take a break from the summer city heat.

The Charvak reservoir has become a favorite summer resort and an integral part of the annual summer vacation. Great and green-blue Charvak fascinates with its beauty and unprecedented depth, scale and huge greatness. The reservoir's shoreline stretches for more than 100 km and everywhere you can find numerous wild beaches, where families come and specifically look for a corner where there will be no strangers.

Charvak Reservoir

The reservoir can be accessed from more than one direction, namely from several villages, located on its shores: Baghistan, Yusuphana, Brichmulla and others. In the villages, there are villas, which can be rented for the period of rest with all conditions for comfortable stay, as well as boarding houses, children's camps and numerous hotels, the most famous of which is the "Pyramids", "Charos", “Crocus Park” and others.

Entertainment at "Charvak"

The most popular types of entertainment on the Charvak reservoir are various water activities and fishing. You can take a boat ride, a catamaran ride, Jet Ski ride, water ski and the popular water attraction "banana". As for fishing, it is preferable to find a quieter place near the wild beach where you can catch such fish as trout, marinka, carp and others.  On the road to "Charvak" you can stay near the famous "Bochka" - cluster of restaurants in the village of Hodjikent. This place is especially popular for many years - food is tasty there.

The Charvak water reservoir is truly very beautiful and picturesque place and in its coastal rocks, you can find unusual dark caves, near which the peace and quiet of the water surface are felt subtly. Do not miss the opportunity to see the majestic beauty and endless expanses of the Charvak reservoir, which, for sure, will bring unforgettable experience to your vacation.

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