Paragliders Base near Charvak Lake

Location - Charvak lake

The famous paraplaner base is located on one of the shores of the Charvak reservoir. Every year in the height of the season, namely in the summer, Charvak paradrom is filled with dozens of people who want to conquer the heavens. The paragliding is held exclusively together with the instructor and after passing the theoretical training. The paragliding in Uzbekistan is developing very well, as the number of people wishing to fly and get unforgettable emotions from the flight increases. Among those flying are many foreign tourists and visitors, who are also interested in this kind of leisure or sport.

Paragliders Base near Charvak Lake

About two years ago a completely new and unique school of paragliding opened in Uzbekistan, on a special educational paradrom of this school theoretical and practical classes are practiced. This allowed to develop paragliding even more in our republic, and also gave the opportunity to everyone who wishes to attend training courses: both beginners and extremals.

In the summer of 2018, it is planned to hold the Uzbekistan Paragliding Championship - "Chimgan Air Battle 2018". Anyone can join the championship, both locals and tourists from foreign countries. This kind of events helps to exchange experience with foreign pilots and amateurs that is an excellent occasion and a place to show your strength or just have a great time. Anyway, this summer Charvak Paradrome will be full of foreign guests and professional extremals, beginners and all those who want to get unforgettable emotions and adrenaline rush.

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