Dorut Tilavat Complex

Location - Shakhrisabz

"Dorut Tilavat" is another interesting historical place in Shakhrisabz. The complex was in construction for more than 80 years, from the middle of the 14th century to the 40s of the 15th century. Rulers changed, life changed, new trends appeared in art over the time. The beginning was laid by Sheikh Shamsiddin Kulal (one of the founders of Sufism), who was the spiritual instructor of Muhammad Taragay, the father of Amir Timur, and Tamerlane himself. He created a madrasah, where it was possible to transfer moral and religious knowledge, the basis of Sufism.

Creation of a memorial complex and "Dorus Tilavat" prayer center

After the death of the sheikh in 1371, Amir Timur gave instructions to hold the burial of the great sage with all the honors and erect a monument of marble. The place became known as the mausoleum of Shamsiddin Kulal. Timur ordered the construction of a burial vault for his relatives and associates near the mausoleum, where the burial place of Emir Taragai's father was transferred. Later, the grandson of the great commander of the Timurids, the famous scientist Mirzo Ulugbek, during his reign, erected the Kok Gumbaz mosque, which means the "Blue Dome". According to some estimates, the diameter of this dome is 46 meters. Also, during Ulugbek’s reign, a dome mausoleum for burials was built. And since it was located on the site of the former Seyid graveyard, the Seyid Dome is located on this site. Thus, the "Dorut Tilavat", memorial complex - a collection of beautiful architectural buildings was finally formed in 1440s.

Fascinating Domes

Entering Shakhrisabz today, the three blue domes, shimmering in the sun, immediately catch the eye. One is a very large one, belonging to the Kok Gumbaz mosque. Two smaller ones, symbolizing hope and obedience, are the mausoleums of Shamsiddin Kulal and the Shrine of the Timurid family (the Seyid Dome).

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