Museum of History of Fergana Region

Location - Ferghana

The exposition of the history of the region began its existence in 1895 under the control of the authorities of Tsarist Russia on the ground. The upper floor of the house of the Governor of the Fergana region was singled out for the exhibits. Initially, the collection consisted of gratuitously transferred items of the region's history and items that participated in the exhibition dedicated to the agriculture and industrial achievements of the region, held in Fergana a year before the decision to create a museum. By 1897 the museum had about 1200 items in its exposition. The museum was opened solemnly only in 1899. It was located in the wing of the same provincial house, and the collection numbered more than two thousand items at that time.

Museum of History of Fergana Region

The museum stopped to function by 1911, due to the power change and the termination of sponsorship, but after the arrival of the soviets’ power in the mid-1920s, the museum was reopened and new departments were organized in it. For example, visitors could get acquainted with pictures and documentation describing the various victories of the Red Army, in particular the exploits of the heroes of Fergana in the Second World War.

A significant increase in the treasury of historical finds and facts about the region was the result of an archaeological survey conducted in the 1950s.

Today in the arsenal of the museum there are 80,000 pieces of history of the region, embodied in finds from excavations, jewelry items, books and documents, clay and bronze household items. The museum currently conducts archaeological excavations in the cities of Kuva and Altiarik. There are 7 branches of the museum in various cities of the Fergana Valley. Ongoing scientific work is conducted there, students of historical faculties and departments are trained and practiced.

The annual attendance of the museum is 60 000 people, because it is the oldest museum in the region with a very large collection.

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