General information

The ancient city of Urgut is located 50 km from Samarkand, at the foot of the Zarafshan range. Several neighborhoods are adjacent to the city: "Gus", "Ispanza" and others. Most of the population is represented by ethnic Uzbeks and Tajiks. The simple and modest city of Urgut will definitely remain in your memory. People here are very kind and hospitable, they treat their guests with tea and delicious cakes, tell spiritual stories and invite them to their homes. Be sure to come to this mountain town, admire the local sights and the beauty of the mountain scenery, throw off a heavy load of fatigue and enjoy an exciting journey.

How to get to Urgut

To get to this mountain settlement is better by taxi from Samarkand or Tashkent. At the same time, you will be able to admire the natural beauties along the way. The road to Urgut is famous for the endless farmer fields and fruit gardens, on both sides.

What to see in Urgut

Located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, the city of Urgut is famous for its garden called "Chor-Chinor" (translated as "Four Platanus"). This unusual city landmark is a very ordinary garden, which still attracts many tourists. Why? Because in this garden hundreds of 1000-year-old plane trees grow, huge and branched, with incredibly wide trunks. Chinara is considered the symbol of wisdom, wise people and heroes. And as usual, there are many legends and stories connected with this place, which we will discuss in more detail in a separate article.

The city is famous for its picturesque gorge Urgutsay, "Demon Plateau" ("The Devil's Helmet") and Mount Allayron.

The "Demon Plateau" is shrouded in dark legends and make people feel fear and admiration simultaneously. It is strewn with freakish stones that resemble different shapes: mushrooms, skulls, tortoiseshell and other interesting objects. And the main stone figure for the sake of which most of the tourists come here, is the "stone heart" - 2 huge stones stretching towards each other and resembling two halves of one heart. Beautiful and romantic.

The mountain "Allayaron" is considered the protector of the city. So the locals tell.

The main shrine and place of pilgrimage of this area is the mausoleum of Gavzuli Azam (located in the village of Gus). It was erected in honor of the founder of the Sufi order "Kadyr". In the mausoleum there is a tombstone, which is the main object of worship of visiting tourists. In the memorial co

mplex there is a local history museum that introduces visitors to the local way of life. You can see many interesting exhibits here.

What to buy in Urgut

Among other popular places in Urgut are 3 major urban bazaars, that are open on weekends mainly. That’s where you can get real traditional masterpieces and get to know the inner life of the city.


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