Ruins of ancient Khorezm in the Kyzylkum desert - 3 fortresses

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Where else in the world can you freely explore the ruins of ancient fortresses in the middle of the desert? Some of the fortresses are more than 2000 years old and all of them are protected by UNESCO as a heritage of mankind.

We offer you a car tour through the Kyzylkum desert with a visit to the three legendary fortresses of ancient Khorezm.

Start of the tour: Khiva
End of tour: Khiva Tour category: Historical tours, Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 6 hours Сities: Khiva.
  • Day 1:

    The driver on the car takes you from your hotel in the morning at 8-9 o'clock (by appointment).

    Visit the fortresses of Tuprak Kala and Kyzyl Kala. Tupraq Kala served as a temple and palace for the rulers of Khorezm in the III-IV centuries.

    Lunch in the city of Buston.

    Visiting the three fortresses Ayaz Kala. The main fortress - Ayaz Kala I - is the most impressive fortress in the region. On request - riding in the desert on camels, near the yurt camp Ayaz Kala.

Quantity (from) Quantity (to) Cost per group
1 pers. 1 pers. $55 *
2 pers. 2 pers. $55 *
3 pers. 3 pers. $55 *
4 pers. 4 pers. $55 *
Different number of people in your group? TBD *

* Requesting a price does not oblige you to buy a tour. You can send a request for different tours and choose the most suitable option.

What's included
  • Modern car (sedan) with a driver;
  • The car takes you from any hotel in Khiva, and at the end of the tour brings back or to the station/airport.

Modern car (sedan), with maximum number of passengers four.

What’s not included
  • Food;
  • Entrance tickets to the fortress Toprak Kala.

A physically active tour, at the same time available to people of all ages.

Additional services
  • Overnight in one of the yurt camps Ayaz Kala: 50 USD per person, breakfast and lunch included;
  • Guide: 35 USD and minus one passenger seat in the car;
  • If desired, several additional fortresses can be included in the route.