How to Protect Yourself from Heat - 10 Useful Tips

The climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental, which means that there are high temperature fluctuations here (in summer it is very hot and in winter it is quite cold), dry air and minimal humidity. But the sun shines almost all year round, and in the spring and early autumn it is the most pleasant time. But if you are planning to visit Uzbekistan in the summer, be sure to check out our tips.


So, what will help protect yourself from the hot summer sun?

1. Headpiece (hats, caps) - an obligatory attribute during summer excursions and walks. Do not neglect this simplest way, since the sun in Uzbekistan is very hot. A headpiece will protect you from a sunstroke and ensure a good tolerance of summer heat.

2. Umbrella - can be an alternative to a headpiece, and a good addition to it, providing additional shade and coolness. And it is very convenient, because several people can hide from the heat under it.

3. Sunglasses - will help protect your eyesight from bright light and ultraviolet radiation.

4. Water - is an indispensable companion in the summer. Be sure to take it with you and drink as often as possible, it will help to save yourself from dehydration. If possible, you can take a small portable refrigerator with you on a tour - this is an excellent opportunity to cool water.

5. Ayran - is a local drink made from sour milk (katyk), water and salt. Ayran is very popular in Uzbekistan and perfectly quenches thirst. Be sure to try this traditional drink.

6. Green tea. Why? The reason is that green tea does not remove salt from the human body, which means that you want to drink less after it and you can quench your thirst for a longer time.

7. Clothes of light colors - if possible, wear light-colored clothing, or, preferably, white color made of natural fabrics that pass air well. On your feet, open shoes are best for you, and you can put a damp handkerchief on your shoulders to protect yourself from overheating.

8. A portable electric fan with a water spray - is an excellent helper in hot weather. It is compact, does not take up much space, but brings benefits for the whole day. Very convenient gadget for long summer walks.

9. Hand fan - a simpler alternative to a portable fan. Small in size and there is no likelihood of discharging the batteries.

10. Sunscreen - it will help protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and excessive sunburn. Therefore, even going for a short walk, be sure to use it to avoid sunburn. Choose a cream with a high SPF factor so that you can stay in the sun for as long as possible.

In conclusion to the above, we want to add one more tip: go to the mountain recreation areas, where the sun does not heat so much, and the air is saturated with cleanliness and mountain freshness. You will have a great time there being saved from the summer heat.

Use these tips be sure to come visit Uzbekistan even in summer!

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