Souvenirs or What to Bring from Uzbekistan

If you walk through the tourist cities of Uzbekistan, you will notice that they are simply flooded with souvenir shops. Wood carving, ceramics, suzane, national dolls, a variety of handmade products, delightful oriental miniatures, with exquisitely applied themes of the immortal works of oriental poets, simply catch your eyes.

Souvenirs or What to Bring from Uzbekistan

While walking through, for example, the most famous part of Samarkand - Registan Square - you will find a lot of shops and handicraft stalls. However, the largest number of craft schools is concentrated, as it is known, in Bukhara. The ancient market complex of Bukhara is built in the form of domes and is represented by four divisions. The names of three of them immediately indicate their specialization, since they were originally built and were intended for specific purposes. They are:

  • Toki Zargaron - "The Dome of Jewelers";
  • Toki Sarrofon - "The Dome of Exchangers", where exchange points were located, also books were being traded here;
  • Toki Telpak-Furushon - "Dome of hats and ornaments".

The fourth of the divisions is the Dome of Tim Abdullah Khan. In ancient times, it was possible to get the carpets of excellent work and a variety of types of fabrics. By the way, in Bukhara among other things you can buy the famous Bukhara carpet.

If you ever have visited Tashkent, then you can buy some of the souvenirs in the special departments of the shopping and entertainment centers. The most famous are:

  • Art Center Tashkent Plaza
  • Shopping and Entertainment Complex “Kontinent”
  • SEC "NEXT"
  • SEC “Samarqand Darvoza”
  • Metropolitan Shopping Center
  • SEC “Parus”
  • SEC “Shedevr”

Furthermore, some shops where you can buy hand-made products are located in the Central Department Store (TSUM). Regarding the hand-made products, it is worth mentioning that every month in Tashkent there are exhibitions and fairs of hand-made products.

If you are interested in exquisite clothes and accessories with elements of Uzbek national style, then such modern brands as: Kanishka, Human wear, LALI Fashion, Fashion House "MURSAK" are at your attention. Here you will find products with an unusual combination of colors, patterns and designs. This is a kind of experimental site, therefore, very original and unusual work of modern masters is possible to see here.

We’ll note one more brand - "Art-Anor" - specializing on manufacturing and sale of jewels with east painting.

One of the most famous parts of Tashkent is the territory of the old city, and the Chorsu market there. Popularly, this part of the city is still called - "Eski Shahar" ("Old Town"). Here you can buy a desired souvenir at a relatively affordable price, talk with local masters. But if you decide to visit the old city, then you will need to have enough time and moderation, because this place is a classic oriental bazaar. Let's conventionally divide the trip into two types: the first is a journey where all the necessary conditions and comfort are provided for you as much as possible, and the second is a journey where the conditions as if advise us to dissolve in them and in this case, we will be able to feel this place in all its beauty. So, it is the journey to the old city that is the second type and this makes it unforgettable.

But you can buy souvenirs not only in the market. In the famous places of pilgrimage, there are souvenir shops as well. Historically, the educational institutions taught crafts. Many of those who are considered holy, during their lifetime were engaged in simple work and perfectly mastered one craft or another. And today, in workshops such as the Khazrati Imam Memorial Complex, Barakhkhan Madrasah, Kukeldash, Abulkasym Madrassah in Tashkent, mausoleums employ workshops and souvenir shops.

Separately it is necessary to say about the city of Chust in the Namangan region, famous for the original knives and skullcaps. A lot of stories are devoted to the history and peculiarities of Chust knives, and Chust skullcaps occupy a special place among national headdresses. In general, it must be said that the skullcap in each region has its original design, a specific pattern and color, so if you are interested in headwear, a connoisseur of this craft will tell a lot of interesting facts.

A special kind of art that has been known for many centuries in Uzbekistan is traditional embroidery - suzane. There are more than ten different types of it, connected with different regions. There are beautiful images on these hand-embroidered carpets, which one still have to be able to decipher, since behind the usual patterns there is, sometimes, a whole plot, a thought, an aspiration, a wish or a symbolism.

In short, if you want to pleasantly surprise your friends and relatives with beautiful gifts from the sunny region, and also remember your trip to Uzbekistan, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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