Registration in Uzbekistan - new updated rules

In connection with the latest innovations of the State Committee for Tourism, any foreign tourist can now be easily registered at a private house. Also, independent tourists can now register themselves without staying in a hotel.

There are 3 simple ways to do it:

1. To register a guest at home you can use the special online registration system called "emehmon". Download the mobile application and first register in the system:

- enter the phone number with the operator code

- make up a strong password

- choose a language and register.

After that a detailed mini-questionnaire will appear, in which you must indicate your full name, series and passport number, telephone number (indicated above), gender, address and other information. Then, to register your foreign guest, you need to Add a Guest List and enter the guest's data there. Further, you will have to upload a special application form, a copy of the tourist's passport, a copy of the consent for temporary residence of the foreigner (from the owner of the house) and documents confirming the owner's rights to this housing. Then you’ll need to pay the amount of the tourist tax (the amounts for each type of registration are listed below) for your guest, after which the registration will be made.

2. Using website "". Just go to the website and choose which type of person are you (physical or legal), and then everything is just like in the mobile application. Enter all the data and pay the tourist fee. Registration is finished.

3. The third method is for independent tourists who travel on their own transport or on foot, spend nights in a vehicle or in tents. They must register themselves in the emehmon system with the help of the personnel and technical means of any accommodation facility (such as hotels, private and guest houses, medical institutions, recreation areas, motels, boarding houses and other places where temporary accommodation is provided). In this case, the tourist fee is paid by the tourist to the accommodation facility.

It is important for independent tourists to know that the staff of hotels, camp sites, recreation areas, etc. must register tourists if they request it.

Using the emehmon system all the data about a tourist is automatically transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.

The size of the tourist (guest) fee per 1 day:

1. In case of accommodation in accommodation facilities: 3 445 - 43 060 UZS (0.45 - 5.5 USD)

2. In the case of accommodation in medical institutions: 3 445 UZS ($ 0.45)

3. In case of residence in commercially-run private houses and apartments: 8,612 UZS (1,1 US dollars)

4. In case of residence in non-commercial private houses and apartments: 3 445 UZS ($ 0.45)

5. In case of accommodation in motor transport and tents (for independent tourists): 8,612 UZS (1,1 US dollars).

Who is responsible?

According to the decree of the State Committee for Tourism, foreign citizens will no longer be held responsible for violation of registration rules on the territory of Uzbekistan. All responsibility is transferred to persons and accommodation facilities that host foreign tourists. If previously a tourist had to independently register himself (which took up to 5 days), now it will be done by accommodation facilities (in which the tourist is going to stay) or citizens of Uzbekistan hosting a tourist. Thus, the registration process will become easier and more convenient, and will not waste a tourist’s precious time intended for travel around the country.

About fines

As for the penalties for late registration or staying without it at all, those who host a foreigner will be fined. A foreign tourist will only be fined if he belongs to the category of "Independent tourists".

If a citizen of Uzbekistan who hosts a foreigner does not register him, a citizen of Uzbekistan will be fined 10-100 times the minimum wage - approximately 2 to 20 million UZS (300-3000 US dollars).

If an independent tourist does not register himself within 3 days after crossing the border, a fine of ten times the amount of the tourist tax (86,120 soums or approximately 11 US dollars) for each day of stay will be applied to him.

Now every foreign visitor can take advantage of this simplifying innovation, forget about paper registrations and devote more time to long-awaited vacation or travel, enjoying them in full and with even greater pleasure.

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