Is it safe in Uzbekistan?

This question often occurs to many tourists. And although Uzbekistan takes one of the leading places in the rankings of the safest countries for traveling in the last few years, we want to tell you more about this.

Uzbekistan is politically a very stable country with a stable domestic regime. Rallies, strikes, and especially wars here do not happen for many years. Such a positive picture attracts tourists from various countries, because security in the country is the key to a relaxing holiday.

It is known that for tourists personal safety is a special priority. Uzbekistan is constantly developing a system of measures to ensure the safety of the local population and tourists. Throughout the country, you can notice a large number of police representatives: at airports, at the entrances and exits to the Tashkent subway, in squares, in shopping centers and in other crowded places.

The so-called “Tourist Police”, which was created specifically to protect tourists from potential threats, is actively operating. In case of any violation of personal rights and interests, you should feel free to contact the staff in a special uniform. All of them speak foreign languages, and therefore problems in communication will not arise.

Whatever your nationality or religion, you have nothing to be concerned about in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a secular country in which all faith and nationalities are tolerated. The locals have long been famous for their hospitality and good nature, always ready to help, tell the way or treat you with a cup of tea.

Environmental safety

From an environmental point of view, Uzbekistan can boast not only excellent weather conditions for traveling, but also a healthy atmosphere. This is especially noticeable in the mountainous regions of the republic. The mountains of Uzbekistan are famous for their clean fresh air, and for their healing power they are called “Uzbek Switzerland”. Holidays in the mountains can be not only exciting travel, but also bring a lot of benefits to your health.

Summing up, we can confidently say that Uzbekistan is a safe and secure country. As for the cases of petty fraud or the loss of one’s belongings, tourists should also protect themselves. After all, as the saying goes " Caution is the parent of safety." As in any country in the world, always remain cautious, do not leave your belongings unattended. Following these simple rules and thanks to the work of law enforcement agencies, you can safely go on a trip to Uzbekistan without fear of anything.

In case of an emergency, use the following telephone numbers:

Phone number


(+998) 71 200 00 88

24-hour call center for tourists


Fire assistance






Natural gas emergency service


Rescue Service


24/7 reference service

Photo: The Japan Times

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