Silk Visa - the most important news in tourism in 2019

The new year begins with some great news. Thanks to the latest innovation – the Silk Visa - it becomes even easier to move around some countries of the Silk Road. A single Asian visa or “Silk Schengen”, as it is also called, came into force in 2019. With its help, every tourist can freely move in the tourist region, consisting of several states. Border control will also be abolished when crossing their borders.

The visa will be especially convenient for tourists from far abroad, who want to visit several Asian countries at once and not waste precious time on processing a pile of documents.

As the experts in the field of tourism predicted, this move aroused great interest in the countries of Central Asia, and thereby contributed to a significant increase in the number of foreign and tourists. As a result, this leads to an even greater development of tourism, and at the same time to an increase in the level of infrastructure.

The Silk Visa has made Uzbekistan an even more competitive participant in the global tourism arena.


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