Abandoned Fishing Village (Ghost Village)

Location - Muynak

City of the Dead: the Fishing Village

Not far from the famous Lake Sudoche near Muynak, there is a small fishing village. It would seem as nothing unusual. However, among people it is more known as the "city of the dead".

Once the village prospered by catching and selling fish. Some 100 inhabitants lived here. There was a village council, a club, a school, a post office in the village. And even a plant for production of various food products from the local fish.

However, during the drying out of the lake, the fishing craft here fell into decay. Gradually, the inhabitants left the village. Time has taken its toll and the village has become what tourists can see it today. The last resident of the village left it about 50 years ago.

What is it, the city of the dead?

In fact, fishing goes on here to this day. Although the fishing association operating in the village consists of only 8 fishermen and those work mainly on a rotational basis. Naturally there was nothing left of the former infrastructure of the village.

Fishing village in tourism

It’s visited mostly by adventurers who prefer the colorful landscapes of the severe romance of Aralkum. You can just walk around the village and imagine what it was like many years ago. The skeletons of buildings and ramshackle houses have survived here today.

Tourists can stay in a house of any local resident (of course, by prior arrangement). Conditions of life are far from simple. However, lovers of extreme tours will be able to feel on themselves all the subtleties of the uneasy life of fishermen living in an extinct village.

Of course, lovers of fishing come here as well - to fish and gain experience. One can learn about the intricacies and characteristics of fishing so much here that it would be enough for a lifetime.

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