Ancient religious complex in Karshi

Location - Karshi

Madrasah Khodja Kurban, Abdulaziz and Kylychbek: an ancient religious complex in Karshi

Madrasah Khodja Kurban, Abdulaziz and Kylychbek form a single religious complex, built in the XVI century. There are reports that earlier this complex consisted of 20 madrasahs, but only a few have survived to this day. Over time, the old buildings were reconstructed and some parts were recreated.

Madrasah Khodja Kurban, Abdulaziz and Kylychbek: an ancient religious complex in Karshi

Madrasah Khoja Kurban

Madrasah Khoja Kurban was once considered a higher educational institution and was very popular in Karshi. It is located near the main bazaar square of Karshi. Like 5 centuries ago, it is very crowded: before – with pupils, now – with tourists.

Madrasah Abdulaziz

It is located on Eski Shahar street. Unlike most of the buildings that have blue domes, this madrasah has a brick-colored dome harmoniously merging into the general view of a one-story madrasah. Earlier there was a local museum of local lore in the madrasah, with more than 30 thousand exhibits. Today it is one of the most visited places by tourists in the city of Karshi.

Madrasah Kylychbek

Not so much information is known about Madrasah Kylychbek. According to one source, it was built by the order of the Emir of that time, named Kylych. This name translates as "sword" and probably was appropriated to its master for greater dedication and heroism. Because, in the old days it was customary to give names and nicknames to people that best characterized them. Madrasah Kylychbek forms an ancient ensemble of three religious buildings on the main city square.

Saving Sardoba

Another interesting object in the complex is the sardoba, a unique structure made of burnt bricks, designed for storing water. Karshi is located in a fairly arid region, so such structures are not uncommon. Especially often they can be found in the desert, because people cared about their crossing through hot sands and tried to dig such wells as often one to another as possible. Such sardobas were the real saviors in the hot dry summer.

Come to Karshi - a city with a unique 2700-year history, visit ancient madrasahs and be sure to check the famous sardoba, which might have rescued hundreds of pilgrims in its time.

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