Madrasah and mosque of Odina

Location - Karshi

Madrasah and mosque of Odina: the famous women's institutions in Central Asia

Madrasah of Odina along with the mosque of the same name form a unique religious complex. The main feature distinguishing them from all other installations is their exclusively feminine purpose. Only women studied science and religion in this special madrassah, only women came to pray and thank Allah to this special mosque. Two such institutions were the only ones in all of Central Asia and similar to them there was nowhere else.

Madrasah and mosque of Odina

Interesting is the fact where they were established. They were built in place of the former "karshi" (palace) of Kebekhan himself. Exactly this palace played an important role in the etymology of the name of the city of Karshi. They built a madrasah and a mosque in the 16th century on the corner of Registan, the main city square. For more than 500 years, the mosque has undergone changes and has even been used as a prison. It was during the time of the colonial conquests of Bukhara and its surroundings.

Currently, the mosque houses a local museum of history, telling about the customs and traditions of the time, the Sheibanid dynasty that ruled over these lands in the 16th century and about the great khans. The museum is open for tourists and all guests. There are many women among them, wishing to stroll through the holy land worshipped sby thousands of women.


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