Karshi Bridge

Location - Karshi

Karshi Bridge - the largest and oldest in Central Asia

The famous Karshi Bridge of the 16th century is also called the Bridge of Amir Temur, as it was built by his decree. The 122-meter bridge runs through the river Kashkadarya and connects its two banks. A recreation area is built around it for local residents and tourists. It is a long coastal park, planted with various trees and flowers, equipped with benches and walkways. Luminous attractions and small cozy cafes harmoniously look under the glare of evening lights. After working weekdays and especially on holidays, this place is the most favourite among local and guests.

Karshi Bridge

Among the favourite entertainment, boating on catamarans and motor boats in the Kashkadarya River are very popular. Children, adults and especially tourists love this kind of water walk. Because, a couple of years ago they could only afford to walk on the bridge, but now ... the pier near the bridge is simply packed with people wishing to take a ride in the river! Good emotions from such an unusual excursion are guaranteed.

With the onset of evenings, the ancient bridge is illuminated by multicolored background, giving it mystery and even greater beauty. People come here with children and friends to admire the river, breathe the fresh air and just relax. Many make photos for memory. Each guest finds in this place his way to distract and relax, the benefit of such conditions for recreation here is many.

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