Chashma Holy Spirit and Complex in Nurata

Location - Nurata

A spring formed by an asteroid

The Chashma complex, and in particular its holy spring, is considered one of the most important and revered shrines in Uzbekistan. The name of the complex is translated literally as a "holy spring".

A rather interesting legend is related with its appearance. It says that at one time an asteroid, emitting a mysterious light, fell here. And then a spring appeared from the earth. Local people began to call it "Nur", or "light" in Uzbek. In honor of the spring, the city of "Nurata" (the "father of light") got its name too.

By the way, the spring is full of fish. However, it cannot be eaten. According to legend, the marinka fish inhabiting here is sacred. A man who tries this fish, as the locals say, can get leprosy, as well as other incurable diseases leading to death.

Chashma Holy Spirit and Complex

Chashma today

In addition to the source, there are also quite a few interesting objects such as:

  • The Juma Mosque or the "Friday Mosque";
  • the Panjawakt mosque;
  • Bath complex.

You can also see ancient irrigation systems here.

There is also a well here, at the bottom of which the outlines of a giant palm are clearly visible. The inhabitants of the city believe that the print was left by God. On the edges of the well a isryk plant grows. It is believed that the smoke of this plant (dried and set on fire) is able to drive out evil spirits and heal diseases. In addition there is a legend connected to the isryk that grows here. It says that if you tie the ribbon to an isryk plant and make a wish, it will come true.

What is interesting about the Chashma complex?

Every year thousands of tourists interested in ancient history and architecture come here. As well as lots of local residents, hoping for the fulfillment of their wishes or for a miraculous healing from a disease.


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