Day Tour in the Old City of Bukhara

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A walk through the ancient streets of Bukhara. A professional guide, born and living in Bukhara, will tell you about the sights of the old city and interesting details of the centuries-old history of this region. Plunged into history, you can experience the unique color of the east.

Start of the tour: Bukhara
End of tour: Bukhara Tour category: Sightseeing tours.
Duration: 6 hours Сities: Bukhara.
  • Day 1:

    Walk begins with a meeting in an earlier discussed place. During the excursion you will visit and get acquainted with the following sights:

    1. Chor-Minor

    2. Kukeldash Madrassah

    3. Lyabi-House ensemble: Nadira-Divon Begi Madrasah, Lyabi-House pond and Khanaka Nadira-Devon Begi

    4. Toki-Sarrafon Trading Dome

    5. Maggoki Attori (the oldest mosque in Bukhara, 9th century)

    6. A story about public medieval baths (hammams) and Nugai caravan sheds

    7. (optional) Art Gallery, Kalta Minor and Gaukushon complex

    8. Toki Telpak Furoshon Trading Dome

    9. (optional) ancient forge and Bozori Kord men's bath (as of today bath + massage costs $15)

    10. Tim Abdullah Khan

    11. Toki Zarganon Trading Dome

    12. Madrassah of Ulugbek and Abdulaziz-Khan

    13 (optional) Carpet weaving factory and carpet shop

    14. Poi-Kalon complex: Kalon Minaret, Kalon Mosque and Mir-i-Arab Madrassah

    Coffee-break (optional)

    15. Ark Citadel (as of today the entrance fee is 15000 sum for foreign visitors)

    16. Bolo-Hauz Mosque (mosque with 40 columns)

    Lunch break

    17. Kosh Medesse (Abdullakhona and Modarikhon)

    18. Samanids Mausoleum and the holy spring of Chashma-i-Ayub

    19. At your request we can visit the bazaar of Bukhara to buy oriental sweets, tea, spices, salted pistachios and almonds, etc.

Quantity (from) Quantity (to) Cost per group
1 pers. 8 pers. $80 *

* Requesting a price does not oblige you to buy a tour. You can send a request for different tours and choose the most suitable option.

What's included
  • English, French and Russian-speaking guide.
What’s not included
  • Entrance tickets to attractions;
  • Costs of coffee breaks and lunch;
  • Tips.

Necessary for the walk:

  • Comfortable shoes;
  • Water;
  • Excellent mood.