Toki Sarrofon Trading Dome

Location - Bukhara

The Toki Sarrofon is one of the famous Bukhara retail areas, built in the 16th century. During the reign of the Sheibanids, the ancient religious city of Bukhara acquires the status of the capital and is replenished with numerous trading floors, bazaars and shops, becoming the main center of trade. So, the most known trading platform combined some specialized market stalls, covered by the big domes.

Toki Sarrofon Trading Dome

One of them is the "Toki" (arch), Sarrophon, named after the local "money changers", which were known as "sarrafs". In this part of the bazaar they changed money and carried out various usurious operations. Once upon a time, this place was famous for the currency exchange, which collected numerous visiting merchants from different countries. Also there were various old books on sale in the bazaar, which merchants exchanged with local sellers.

Today, you can find various national souvenirs, painted utensils and hats under the famous dome. Ancient bazaar, like many years ago, is filled with buyers and tourists from different countries.

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