Poi-Kalyan Complex

Location - Bukhara

The Poi-Kalyan is a grandiose historical complex in the center of Bukhara. It includes a tall minaret - Kalyan, Kalyan Mosque, Miri-Arab madrassah and Alim Khan madrasah.

"Poi-Kalyan" translates as "The Foot of the Great", the name of the square was given in honor of the Great Kalyan Minaret, the most ancient and the largest minaret in Central Asia. From the height of the tower, almost 46 meters high, people heard a loud adhan (call for prayer) each Friday. Minaret Kolyan was built by the skillful architect Usto Bako in 1127. A spiral staircase of 104 steps leads to the lantern, the top of the minaret. Once you reach the top, you have an unforgettable view of the panorama of the city.

Kalyan Mosque

The next magnificent historical object of the complex is the Kalyan Mosque relating to the reign of the Shaybanids dynasty, was built in the time of Ubaidullah Khan in 1514. The mosque is designed for almost twelve thousand parishioners and considered as the largest among other mosques in the Central Asia. Many prayers receive a spiritual satisfaction in the Mihrab mosque, set in the direction of the sacred city of Mecca. You can inadvertently get lost among the breathtaking gallery of the mosque made of 288 stone towers.

Poi-Kalyan Complex

Miri-Arab Madrasah and Emir-Alim-Khan-Madrasah

Miri-Arab Madrasah is an educational institution, built in 1536 in honor of Sheikh Abdullah of Yemen. There were such important studies as theology, mathematics, geometry and others, and its most famous graduate was Ahmad Donish of Bukhara, Tajik poet and writer. Under one of the domes are the relics of the Miri Arab sheikh. In its turn, the Madrasah of Alim-Khan, the last emir ruled in Bukhara, was the center of spiritual knowledge and also gave rise to many eminent scientists in the 20th century.

All 4 buildings are harmoniously combined with the general view of the historical square and decorated accordance with the national architecture using paintings. As tourists say, "If you don’t visit Poi-Kalyan Square, then you will not understand all the power and immensity of Bukhara historical constructions". That is true, because at the foot of high madrasahs, and especially the "Great Minaret", you feel the genuine greatness and strength of Bukhara architecture.

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