Divan-Beghi Khanaka

Location - Bukhara

The Divan-begi khanaka was built by order of Nadir Divan-begi, the court vizier, in 1620 and was a part of the famous "Lyabi-Hauz" complex. Khanaka is a small building with a lot of chambers and hujras - small rooms for students and for dervishes, travelers, pilgrims, and sometimes the rulers themselves with their families who stayed there for the night. Sick and poor people, dissidents and other needy visitors could find a modest shelter and shelter in the khanaka. The doors of the khanaka were always open to the wishing parishioners, it was a place of assistance and support. Some khanakas were kept at the expense of gratuitous donations and gifts, and some of them had small workshops or shops to support their work. Sometimes a khanaka was built in order to perform a holy blessing or to perpetuate its name in the history of the country, as was done in the case of Divan-begi khanaka.

Divan-Beghi Khanaka

"A real little pearl" - this is how tourists call this hanaka. Indeed, relatively small in size compared to the huge "Kukeldash" madrassa, located nearby, the Divan-begi khanaka looks rather small. But despite its size, it played a huge role in the life of society, it was a kind of charity center and a place for the social community, it helped people very much, for which it was called the "pearl".

The facade of the orphanage is decorated with colorful blue ornamentation, there are 2 massive wide towers on the sides, dome-shaped portals are cut in the side walls. The main attraction of the khanaka is the front entrance portal with the height of the nearby columns. Like the whole "Lyabi-Hauz" ensemble, the khanaka is listed as a UNESCO heritage and is a protected historical building. Tourists are very fond of visiting this holy spiritual place, because they consider it to be an embodiment of high morality, kindness and mercy.

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