Kundjak Hammam Medieval Bath

Location - Bukhara

Medieval baths in Bukhara were considered as a point of great interest, and they were visited by both men and women. The most famous Bukhara bath of the 16th century was "Kunjak Hammam" for women. Baths were of great importance in public life of the population, and weekly bath visit was like a kind of ritual. Often, women gathered in the baths not only to maintain health, but also for mental rest: in the bathhouse you could gossip and share news.

Kundjak Hammam Medieval Bath

Since ancient times, baths were built near bazaars and retail areas, where there are many people and those who want to taste its hot steam. "Kunjak Hammam" is located near the famous Kalyan minaret and is also called "angular", as it was built in a very convenient location together with most other baths, you can say "around the corner", that is somewhere nearby. "Purity is a half of the faith," the prophet Muhammad said, considering the bath procedure as an obligatory duty for every Muslim. And even Avicenna mentions the baths, saying that their positive impact on the human body.

The "Kunjak Hammam" bathhouse is still operational, it still consists of rooms for reception of visitors, for undressing and for bathing. You can visit it from Wednesday to Monday from 7:00 to 15:00 hours. The bath provides services of various types of massage, and the fragrance of mysterious incense will immerse you in this oriental pleasure.

After a long sightseeing day of travel around Bukhara, be sure to visit the steam bath - a source of real pleasure, where the body and soul completely relax.

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