Tim Abdullakhan Trading Dome

Location - Bukhara

One of the four market buildings of Bukhara, built in 1577, is a lively bazaar, known for the sale of fabrics and carpets. The diverse abundance of fabrics, as well as beautifully embroidered carpets captivates the customers’ attention. Nowadays you can buy different fabrics with the image of national patterns and ornaments, gold embroidered skullcaps and robes, as well as real works of art - national suzane, hand-embroidered wall carpets and other items of gold embroidery like many centuries ago.

Tim Abdullakhan Trading Dome

In general, carpet weaving in Bukhara is considered to be the most ancient and popular kind of craft to this day, and the famous Bukhara carpets are widely known all over the world. The best wool has always been used by masters sewing carpets, and manual embroidery made a lot of work, that's why carpets were considered a luxury item of rulers and nobles. Currently, slowly strolling along the shopping rows, you can see all the variety and richness of fabrics. There are a great variety of silk fabrics: "satin", "shoi", "podshohi", and cotton with the addition of silk: "adras", "bekasab", "banoras" and others. Among the unprecedented abundance of fabrics, you will probably choose a piece of oriental craft for you - a colorful carpet, a national costume or a silk patterned scarf.

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