Bahauddin Naqshband Sufi Complex

Location - Bukhara

The memorial complex of Bahauddin Naqshband, famous Sufi and philosopher, born in 1318, is located 12 km from Bukhara. It consisted of the tomb of the sheikh, mosque, khanaka, minaret and a small courtyard with a hauz (pond).

The great religious figure was the founder of one of the Sufi orders, and the philosophy of Sufism itself advocates spiritual perfection of the person and the upbringing of a "perfect" person, capable to escape the bustle and become a better person. The Sufi truth is comprehended only through complete submission to the mentor. For example, Naqshband was the spiritual instructor of the great Amir Temur, and his teachings had a great influence on the development of political and religious life in Islamic states.

Bahauddin Naqshband Sufi Complex

There is an opinion that if you walk three times from Bukhara to the mausoleum, it will be equal to one hajj, because the ancient mausoleum is considered to be the Central Asian Mecca.

Today the Bahautdin Naqshband museum, located on the territory of the complex, welcomes tourists, where they can learn more about the Sufism and ideas related to it. There is an interesting place in the ancient complex that attracts tourists, where, according to legend, Naqshband stuck his stick, and now there is an old mulberry tree on that place. There is a superstition associated with this place: if you walk three times around an old tree trunk, your wish will come true. Numerous visitors notice the special harmony and peaceful atmosphere in this place, so favorable for pilgrimage processions of tourists from different countries.

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