Toki Zargaron Trading Dome

Location - Bukhara

The Toki Zargaron is located on the well-known shopping area of Bukhara, it is a huge covered building with jewelry sold in the 16th century. "Toki Zargaron" literally means "dome of jewelers", that is part of the bazaar, which was dedicated to the manufacture and sale of various jewelries of gold and silver.

Toki Zargaron Trading Dome

The jewelry market was famous for its wide choice of precious products, where you could find earrings, bracelets and necklaces, even for the most sophisticated tastes. Once in a huge room there were 36 jewelry stores, and Zargaron, the trading dome, stood among the first trading floors built in ancient Bukhara.

Today, as the market is operational, the trade is going on under the famous dome, many visitors come here to purchase something beautiful from a wide range of goods: from national scarves to the home’s interior decorations.

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