Kalyan Minaret

Location - Bukhara

Kalyan Minaret - the highest tower in the old Bukhara

Kalyan Minaret is the highest tower of Bukhara, with the height of 46.5 meters. The minaret was built in 1127 by the ruler of that time - Arslan Khan Muhammad, who ruled the dynasty for more than 25 years. The great Khan was famous for his interest in town planning, and the Kalyan Minaret created by his decree is an obvious confirmation, because it became one of the main monuments in Bukhara.

Kalyan Minaret

What was the tower used for? The five main functions

1. Religious: traditionally every Friday a muezzin convoked all Muslim believers to pray at the Kalyan Mosque, which is located nearby.

2. Observational: after a while people realized that the tower was an excellent viewing platform, from which it was very convenient to observe the situation in the city and to notice an enemy in time.

3. Informative: the entire Bukharian people were beckoned from the tower to hear announcements of the decrees of the ruler and other important events.

4. Identifying: the tower served as a lighthouse for trade caravans.

5. Decorative: the minaret tower was considered the main decoration of the city, perfectly fitted into the city interior and rightfully became a unique monument of Bukhara.

Decoration of the minaret

Kalyan Minaret is part of the architectural ensemble "Poi Kalyan" that consists of the Kalyan Mosque, Miri Arab madrasa and the minaret itself. Kalyan Minaret was built of burnt bricks and special strong clay, its diameter at the top is 6 meters, and at the bottom - 9. The architect of the minaret was the medieval architect Usta Bako, and his name along with the name of the ruler Arslan Khan is forever imprinted on the brick walls of the tower. It is also abundantly decorated with Arabic calligraphy. Inside the minaret there is a spiral staircase with 105 steps. At present, tourists and guests of Bukhara are sometimes allowed to climb up, since a superb panorama of the old city opens from above. From this height you can see the whole Bukhara, all its buildings and attractions, which you can admire for hours.

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