Divan-begi Madrasah

Location - Bukhara

The Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah is a part of the historical complex "Lyabi-Hauz" in Bukhara, which construction falls on 1623 year. According to the decree of Nadir Divan-begi, the chief vizier under the ruler of the time - Imamkuli Khan, the structure was to become a kind of shelter for trade caravans, located in the heart of the shopping area and collecting a lot of guests. But at the opening ceremony, Imamkuli Khan somehow proclaimed the name of the building as "madrasah". Nadir Divan-begi had no choice but to change the project of the building and attach an entrance portal, towers and rooms for students, remaking it in a madrasah.

Divan-begi Madrasah

Myths about the Simurg

The Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah has an interesting decoration. Along with traditional ornaments and patterns, it depicts drawings of deer, sun-man and mythical Simurg bird. The image of Simurg is treated differently in Iranian mythology. Most often, it represents happiness and justice, and sometimes the Simurg appears in the guise of a watchman who lives on a tree or a mountain. For sure, by this the intelligent vizier wanted to protect his structure for many years. And he succeeded, after all, the madrassas remained till our days almost in their original form. But we can only guess.

Currently, the creation of the famous dignitary is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and craft workshops are located inside the madrassa itself. Walking along the famous "Lyabi-Hauz" square, you can buy various souvenirs and national crafts in the shops in order to take a piece of ancient Bukhara with you.

Photo: doriantheexplorian.com

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