Chimgan Ski Track

Location - Chimgan

The famous Chimgan skiing track is an ideal place for skiing and rest for both beginners and experienced athletes. It extends in the spurs of the Chatkal ridge in the territory of the Chimgan tourist complex.

Every year hundreds of tourists and vacationers come to the so-called "green slope" from both Uzbekistan and its neighboring countries. There are several trails with a length of 700 to 1500 km. Depending on the level of complexity, they are usually referred to as "green" and "blue" designed for beginners, as well as "red" and "black" which are more complex, suitable for specially trained skiers and even experts. Trails for beginners are characterized by light and middle slopes and not very sharp height differences, and trails for trained experts are full of scarp boundaries and inclinations that makes it quite extreme. Exactly because of that hundreds of visitors come.

Chimgan Ski Track

Ski season begins in December and lasts approximately until March, delighting skiers with not melting snow cover for a long time. This is due to the fact that the mountain slopes have a northern direction and ensure a long-term snow cover.

Several rope-chairlifts operate on the route. From some of them you can admire the snow panorama of mountain peaks, and from others - learn skiing. The Chimgan skiing track is also a great place for such a popular type of recreation, as backcountry - climbing and descent on unprepared slopes on skis or snowboard. The peculiarity of this kind of sport is the absolute unpreparedness of the trails, steep rocks and unforeseeable sequence of events, because in such conditions anything can happen. This is the main zest - the maximum extreme from riding, inherent exclusively to self-confident and absolutely fearless extremals.

Both beginners and professionals enjoy skating on the Chimgan ski track, because there is all the necessary infrastructure and excellent conditions for an exciting holiday. In this high-mountainous place both body and soul rest, combining physical exercise with a pleasant pastime in the fresh mountain air. It does not matter whether you come to enjoy the snowy nature or conquer a particularly difficult route, an unforgettable experience is exactly guaranteed to you.

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