Gulkam canyon

Location - Chimgan

The Gulkam Canyon is one of the amazing places in the high mountains of Chimgan. The famous canyon, formed by the mountain river Gulkam, flowing between the Big and Small Chimgan, is highly popular among tourists and visitors. For many thousands years, the water of Gulkamsai struck a mountain massif creating a long corridor, hundreds of meters in length. Its width in some places is narrowed to only 5 meters, and somewhere, on the contrary, it extends in the form of a wide valley.  

The trip to the Gulkam Canyon takes about 6 hours, and tourists usually start it from the Sand Pass, where one can climb through the uncomplicated route from the Chimgan road. The way from the pass to the Canyon is about 3 km, and the road is strewn with loose rock and small stones. Having reached the designated point, visitors are treated to sweeping views of the long-awaited Gulkam Canyon - high narrow rocks with beautiful waterfalls and the ringing murmur of mountain streams.

Gulkam canyon

It is better to pass the route through the tunnel using ropes, but if you possess high mountaineering skills you can do it without them. These first few narrow meters are the main extreme place in the Gulkam Canyon, after which you will surely feel the real drive and feel yourself an absolute extreme.

After passing through the spectacular mountain area, you can relax a bit and have a small picnic in the fresh air or take a dip in small "baths" that are almost everywhere scattered in the mountain canyon. There is always clean, almost transparent water, in which you can soak up after a long mountain excursion. In addition to emotions and strong sensations, which is usually the purpose to visit the Canyon, it is a great place for a vacation in the wild nature, among blossoming trees and flowers, pure mountain air and rustling waterfalls, whose gurgling beating on the rocks can be listened to indefinitely, while enjoying all the beauty of the wild mountain nature.

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