Small Chimgan Mountain

Location - Chimgan

In the Chatkal mountain range, next to the famous Big Chimgan is the peak of his "younger brother" - the hill of the Small Chimgan. Despite the fact that it is slightly smaller and its height is 2097 m, it enjoys no less popularity among tourists and vacationers.

You can take your children to climb the Small Chimgan, because its slopes are not too steep and suitable even for beginners. If you are a beginner, then the best place to start mountain hiking is the Small Chimgan. Often, vacationers who do not have special training, choose a simple hike to the Small Chimgan, and if they manage the route, the next ascent will be a trip to the Big Chimgan. Thus, the Small Chimgan serves as a kind of preparatory base for further more complex ascents with steep slopes and descents.

Small Chimgan Mountain

Usually the ascent to the Small Chimgan begins with the Sand Pass along the path traversing the mountain junipers, traced by thousands of travelers. Going on a hike, do not forget to take few bottles of drinking water with you, as there are no rivers and springs on the way to the mountain. In contrast to the Big Chimgan, which is more difficult to climb, you can climb the Small Chimgan several times a day, as one trek takes 3-4 hours. As soon as you climb the mountain, you will see the indescribable beauty of a mountain panorama with a real wild nature, majestic and mighty ridges, with an unapproachable mountain system. You can see the famous Charvak reservoir from a bird's-eye view, which at the same time frightens and fascinates with its scale and depth. There is also a beautiful view of the mountain rivers Pskem and Ugham.

Both Chimgans are fascinating. The small or the big, both has a fantastic view of untouched wilderness, and you can enjoy fresh air and pleasantly relax on the mountain nature of the Chimgan mountain massif.

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