Mountains: Gulkam Gorges (Premium)

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The best views of the famous Gulkam gorges are already waiting for your arrival! Armed with climbing ropes, we will make an extreme trip to the gorge under the Big Chimgan. Gigantic cliffs, noisy waterfalls, Charvak reservoir and, of course, extreme activities - are brought together in this Premium tour for the most daring tourists.

Start of the tour: Tashkent Accommodation: 3 stars.
End of tour: Tashkent Tour category: Mountain hiking.
Duration: 1 days / 0 nights Сities: Tashkent, Chimgan, Charvak lake.
  • Day 1: Tashkent - Chimgan - Gulkam Gorges - Charvak - Tashkent

    07:00. Departure from Tashkent.

    09:00. Arrival in Chimgan.

    The beginning of the route.

    • Gulkam gorges - one of the most popular places among lovers of mountain tourism. This route lies through the Sand Pass (height 1870). Climbing the pass is very convenient. Directly from the pass on the left side there is a path to the top of Small Chimgan (high 2100). A steep slope begins from the pass, leading to the Gulkam Gorge. When descending, loose paths with beautiful rocky ledges. Below begins a birch grove.

    13:00. Lunch at the tent camp.

    Personal time. Swimming in the river, getting to know the area, a little training with climbing equipment (ropes, knots, carbines, jumars, eights)

    Preparation for the continuation of the campaign: cleaning the campground, laying tents, sleeping
    bags, rugs, personal items, etc.

    Descent along the river to the Gulkam Gorge. In front of the waterfall instructors set the rope track. Descent on the left side. The gums are very picturesque. Between two huge stones, water is rapidly running down. Height is about 8m. Tourists have to go down, clinging to the smoothly polished rock walls. The instructor will provide competent descent with the use of climbing equipment and exit from the gorges.

    Descent through Charvak.

    Departure to the city of Tashkent.

    The end of the program.

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