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Chimgan is a popular tourist destination of Uzbekistan. Annually, thousands of tourists not only from all over the country, but also from abroad come here. It is located 80 km from Tashkent.

How to get to Chimgan

The most budget-friendly way to get from Tashkent to Chimgan is to take an electric train or a bus to the city of Gazalkent, then take a taxi. If you prefer a more convenient transportation, then you can take a taxi straight from Tashkent. Prices will still be much lower than European prices. Such taxis depart from Buyuk Ipak Yuli subway station. Moreover, you can order an official taxi - their offers are also quite acceptable.


The climate here is relatively severe and truly mountainous. The first snow falls in November, which is much earlier than in the rest of the country. For this reason, Chimgan is very popular among fans of skiing.

In summer the heat reaches 25-30 degrees, which is quite a comfortable temperature, for example, for mountain hikes. In autumn it often rains. Therefore, before you go here, it is worth studying the weather forecasts. Otherwise, you can get under an avalanche or a downpour. The last seems to be not that terrible. However, wet, friable ground complicates the movement.

What to see in Chimgan

The first place worth seeing when visiting Chimgan area is the Pulat Khan plateau. In order to visit it, you will have to make a two-day trip to the south of the Big Chimgan mountain. The height of the plateau is more than 2.2 km., and the area is more than 8 square kilometers. So, without an appropriate training, it will be difficult to get here.

Numerous legends are connected with the plateau. One of them tells that Khan Pulat fought with his nephew, because they liked the same woman. Without thinking twice, the kinsman seized the throne by force, and the defeated khan was forced to flee to the mountains, along with the remains of his retinue and relatives. In the end, a few survivors settled on a plateau that was easy to defend, since there was only one entrance to the plateau and it was quite narrow.

However, the newly appointed ruler decided to bring the matter to an end. He deceived the guard and captured the escapees. Only the wife of the khan survived. She hid in one of the caves on the plateau, where the spring is still flowing - the tears of Pulat Khan’s wife. 

Another legend tells that when all the men of the tribe, which lived here, went to graze cattle, the village was attacked by enemies. The attack was beaten off by Pulat the only remaining strongman here. He remained in the village, as he just married recently.

By the end of the battle Pulat was wounded. It seemed that the outcome of the battle was obvious. However, a young wife arrived unexpectedly to help him. Suddenly, Pulat and Ayim simply disappeared. Enemies did not realize that Ayim just took her husband down the underground passage, known only to her. Meanwhile, the men who returned home killed the attackers.

The plateau is supposed to have mystical properties. There is even information about the UFOs seen here. Soviet scientists have repeatedly conducted research on the plateau for visiting it by aliens.

Some tour operators in Uzbekistan organize 4-7-day hikes to the Pulat Khan plateau.

As for the mountain of Big Chimgan (3309 m.) itself, it’s worth climbing up to the top at least to challenge your fitness and admire the stunning panorama of the Charvak lake. One-day trip to the peak is possible, but only for tourists in great physical shape. A lot of tour operators offer one- and two-day trips of climbing up to the peak.

By the way, because of its favorable climate, the Chimgan tourist zone is truly called Uzbek Switzerland.

It is also recommended to visit the Gulkam gorges and the waterfall, located in the gorge of the Big Chimgan. The excitement around this natural sight was due to the fact that the river actually carved out a passage in the rock, forming a gorge. It is advisable to organize a hike here, like any other hike in the mountains of Uzbekistan, by purchasing one of the many tours. The presence of the guide is compulsory here, since the routes are not marked in any way and there are no maps with sufficient accuracy yet.

What to do in Chimgan

Definitely, first of all, fans of skiing, freeride, sledges, skates, snowmobile races, etc. are welcomed here. However, in summer Chimgan’s popularity does not decrease. Many people, who want to improve their health feel like wandering among the juniper forests and hills, climbing up the mountains, and in the autumn - also go fishing.

In addition, the MICE tourism industry (corporate tourism) is thriving here. There are all conditions for organizing team building and other activities in nearby hotels and recreation areas.

Where to stay

Nowadays the most popular places to stay for tourists are the following:

  • Guest house “Nebesa”;
  • Chimgan Apple Garden;
  • LAYNER Group;


Fans of the guitar poetry should necessarily visit Chimgan in June and in September. The international festival of bard-singer is held here at this time.

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24/7 Help Desk for Tourists: 8 371 200-00-88 or +998 71 200-00-88


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