Aydar lake

General information

If you are looking for the most interesting and unusual options for recreation in Uzbekistan, then you should definitely visit lake Aydarkul. It has no drains. It is also surprising that even in winter the lake is not covered by ice. Since the lake is located at a considerable distance from the settlements, there are relatively few people here. About 200 local people are residing there. Below you can find detailed information about this lake.

How to get to the Aydar lake

You can get to the lake by car (2 hours from Navoi city, a little more from Samarkand or Bukhara). You will have to pass the desert and some mountains first. However, the long road and heat are more than outweighed by the fascinating views outside the car window. Despite the fact that this is a desert, the sands of Kyzyl Kum look very colorific.


The time of trip to Aydarkul shall be defined by its goal. In May-August, fishing is prohibited. However, due to the fact that the water in the lake does not freeze even in winter, you can fish for entire 8 months.

The period from May to July inclusively is perfect for bathing and leisure. Beware of mosquitos though.

What to see near the Aydar lake

There are many different breeds of birds on the lake. In particular, we can see waterfowl, which are flying here from the drying Aral.

For those who like extreme sports and studying national peculiarities, it is advisable to visit the nearby yurt camps. The most famous and visited of these as for today is “Aydar” (7 km from the lake). Here you can live in the yurt, also ride a camel and try kumis - fermented camel milk. Drink, of course, is not to everyone’s taste, but many tourists like bitterish kumis. By the way, it can fight the thirst very well.

There are 8 yurts in the camp. There are also toilets and a mess-room for eating. This yurt camp is the most comfortable in the country.

On the way to the camp, it’s recommended to visit the famous mountain tract called Sarmysh. Here you can see more than 3,000 petroglyphs (rock paintings).

Things to do near the Aydar lake

One of the most popular activities among tourists visiting the lake is, of course, fishing. Even at the when the lake just appeared, various kinds of fish were brought here. In particular: snakeheads, carp, catfish, chekhon, bream, asp and others. Before you start fishing, you need to acquire the appropriate permission. By the way, tackles can be rented or bought around Aydarkul.

In addition, here you can hunt ducks, and not only them. But again – permission is required.

Where to stay near the Aydar lake

You can stay in the above mentioned yurt camp. If you prefer something more traditional, there is an alternative of renting a room at the local residents.

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