General information

Karshi (Qarshi) is a town in the south of Uzbekistan, the center of the Kashkadarya region. It is located on the river Kashkadarya. In ancient times, it was called "Nahshab", "Nasaf" and "Bekbudi". According to historians, the present name of the city was acquired thanks to the palace built by the Khan of that time - Kebek. He called his residence "karshi", which means "palace". The construction became so outstanding that all the roads led down to it. So "Nahshab" was renamed into "Karshi" - "the palace standing on the river"

Sights of Karshi. Where to go?

There are many historical sights in the city, whose age is more than 500 years. Some of these unique buildings are:

  • the famous Karshi Bridge of the XVI century;
  • ancient town Yerkurgan;
  • Madrassahs of Odina, Abdulaziz, Khodja Kurban and Kylychbek;
  • Sardoba of the city of Karshi.

Among the modern ones is the "Support of the Motherland" ("El-yurt tayanchi") monument on Independence Square, as well as the Music and Drama Theater. And this is not all the places that you have to visit, in Karshi.

Besides historical sites, Karshi is famous for its airbase Khanabad and Shurtan natural gas field.

As you can see, Karshi is very diverse and many-sited: tens of ancient historical buildings are harmoniously combined with modern objects which makes the city truly unique. Such a diverse atmosphere is a real treasure for a tourist, because during one visit you can get a wide variety of impressions. Is this not the main purpose of every traveler?

Do you dream of discovering new facets, exploring the old city and filling up with new emotions? We suggest you go to Karshi!


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