General information

Termez is the main city of Surkhandarya Region. Currently about 140,000 people live there. The biggest part of the population is Uzbeks. Although, there are many Russian people living there too.

With regard to the date of founding of the city, it is not known till our days. Officially, the City Day is celebrated in April. According to the same official data, in 2002 the city celebrated its 2500 birthday.

How to get to Termez

One can get to Termez by plane or train. A car can also bring you to the city from other cities of Uzbekistan. The latter option can be considered the most preferable for those who love nature and scenic landscapes: the road passes through Baysuntau mountain chain, so one can make a lot of bright pictures on the road.


The weather in the city is subtropical inner-continental. Winters are cold (colder than in the other regions of the country). However, they are relatively mild - there are almost no sharp temperature changes and snowfalls in Termez. The maximum temperature decrease, according to official data, is -21 degrees.

In summer, the air warms up to 47 degrees or more. In general, Termez can be considered one of the hottest cities in Uzbekistan. Summer rains are very rare here.

The weather is relatively rainy from November to April.

What to see in Termez

It may sound surprisingly, but there are many Buddhist holy sites in Termez. Special attention should be paid to the hill Kara-Tepe (Black Hill), or rather – to the Buddhist monastery built on it, which is located on the outskirts of the city. According to various sources, this complex is about 2000 years old. Ruins of the complex are honored as one of the most important shrines among the Central Asian Buddhists today. The complex is located on the border of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, so free access to the facility is closed.

The architecture of the monastery is unique. It consists of many viharas. Previously, monks lived in such viharas. From the outside they look like a site with a centrally located stupa (religious sculpture). Each vihara was surrounded by a wall. One end of the vihara rests on the hill. In its hidden slopes there we built tunnels.

There are inscriptions on some monasteries of the complex indicating that they were intended for personal use by specific people.

One more popular site among tourists and local people is "Kirk-Kyz" palace. The phrase "Kirk-Kyz" means "40 girls". The legend says that once the queen Gavhar, together with 40 of her friends, sheltered in the walls of the palace and defended themselves against enemies till the last minute. It should be mentioned that the original purpose of the building is unknown till today.

The greatest number of historical sights is located in the Old Termez. It is located 40 km east of the modern city.

We also recommend visiting the following places:

  • Sufi al-Khakim-at-Tirmizi mausoleum;
  • Sultan Saadat ensemble mausoleums;
  • Fayaz-Tepa Buddhist temple complex;
  • Temple of Alexander Nevsky.

Things to do in Termez

In your spare time visit the Archaeological Museum of Termez.

Do you want to admire the wildlife? Then go to the island on the Amu Darya River, to the Aral-Paygambar reservation. There you can see many species of local flora and fauna. The reserve abounds in thick tugai forests. There is also a shrine on the island, which is honored by both Christians and Muslims. The prophet, known as Ezekiel in the Old Testament, and in the Koran – as Zul-Kifl is buried here.

If your way lies to the north of the city, do not miss the opportunity to visit Abu Isa-at-Tirmizi burying place. This Muslim theologian is known for writing of hadiths.

What to buy

The city has for a long time been famous for the skill of its artisans. The popularity of various kinds of handicraft products has not fallen till now. Most often tourists bring bags, jewelry, scarves and skullcaps, figurines, caskets and musical instruments as souvenirs from Termez. Of course, all these is handmade, as well as national dressing gowns which can be made from a variety of fabrics. The prices for them also differ.

However, carpets from local craftsmen are the most luxurious and expensive thing.

Where to stay in Termez

Since Termez is a very popular destination among tourists from all over the world, the hotel industry here develops very intensively.

One night in a double suit in a 3-star hotel, such as Ason and Ulugbek, will cost you about $50.

A higher-class hotel (the most famous is Meridian Termez) will cost twice as much.

Room in a budget hotel costs about $30-40.

In fact, you can easily find more budget housing in the private sector, that is offered by the local people themselves. You can find a potential landlord right at the airport or train station. Have in mind that good bargaining skills can let you knock down the price twice, or even more. It's East, after all!

Useful contacts

24/7 Help Desk for Tourists: 8 371 200-00-88 or +998 71 200-00-88

Termez airport: +998 76 229-00-00, +998 76 229-32-23

Termez railway station: +998 76 222-23-35


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