Yangiabad - a mining town with German roots

One will wonder, how come a Central Asian city in Tashkent region is somehow related to German immigrants? Roots go far into history. In the 1940s they built Yangiabad on their own almost from scratch. The city was intended for miners who extracted uranium ore. Therefore, Yangiobad was nicknamed the "miner’s town".

For 40 years representatives of Russian, Ukrainian and German nationalities used to live in the city, which is why in the architecture of buildings often looks similar to the architectural features of those peoples. At the present time, the local population is made up mostly of Uzbeks and Tajiks.

How to get to Yangiabad

You can get to Yangiabad from Tashkent by suburban minibus or taxi. They depart from Kuylyuk Bazaar in the south of Tashkent. Usually people first go to the city of Angren (100 km), and then from Angren to Yangiabad (13 km).

Interesting places to see in Yangiabad

Apart from its history and architecture Yangiabad is famous for its unique avalanche station, with the help of which research is carried out to measure snow cover. The city is also famous for its popular resort with the same name "Yangiabad" - a favorite place for hundreds of tourists. Ecologically clean location and beautiful mountain landscapes do not leave anyone indifferent. Read more about the resort in our separate article and be sure to come to visit.


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