General information

Ferghana is an Uzbekistan city that justifiably deserves the status of the pearl of the country. It is located in the Ferghana Valley. The population is 350,000 people. By the way, Ferghana is relatively young city - it was founded in 1876. Because of its age it becomes clear why you never see buildings of the Middle Ages there. It is also notable that the first paved roads in Ferghana were built only in the beginning of the 20th century.

How to get to Ferghana

You can get to the city by plane. Both international and local flights are available from Tashkent. Do you afraid to fly? Then you can take a car from Kuylyuk bazaar. The trip takes 5 hours. However, before using this type of transport, you need to know the situation on the pass through which the highway runs. Also, a comfortable train from Tashkent to the neighboring to Ferghana city Margilan runs every day.


The climate of the city is continental. In winter, the temperature drops to 0. Snow is not very often there. In summer, the air warms up to 30 degrees. However, the heat is felt more strongly because of the dry, hot wind. The best time to visit Ferghana is September.

What to see in Ferghana

The layout of the city itself is surprising – it is built in the shape of a wheel. Its axis is the fortress. The streets as spokes grow away from it.

It is recommended to see the following historical sights:

  • Building of the military assembly – the oldest surviving building of the city. It was built in the late 19th century.
  • Building of the military governor, where the city theater is now located. It is noteworthy that the construction of the building was completed only 20 years after the start.
  • Building of the male gymnasium. It has preserved its original appearance almost completely.

The most interesting object of the city, perhaps, is the museum of local lore. Today, it displays more than 80,000 exhibits, including household items, weapons, documents, etc.

What to buy

If you want to buy more souvenirs and not spend much money, then go straight to the city bazaar. Here you can buy anything, from souvenirs and dried fruits to weapons and handmade national chapans (gowns). You can also buy them in local souvenir shops. But there is less choice there and prices are many times higher.

Where to stay

There are many hotels for every taste in Fergana. You can also find accommodation in the private sector. In the first case, the tourist will not have any problems with temporary registration, which must be done before within 3 days from the date of arrival in the city. But in the second case, the stay will cost several times cheaper.

Where and what to eat

Like in the whole country, meat is the basis of the city's cuisine. It is cooked a lot and in a variety of variations. For example, you can find somsa with minced meat, chopped meat or with broadtail fat. Also, try the famous kuk-somsa with greenery.

Of course, it is impossible to imagine Uzbek cuisine without pilaf. Here it is also cooked in several variations. By the way, the most delicious pilaf you can usually find in ordinary canteens of below average budget. And remember: the real pilaf is cooked only on open fire!

You should also try manty, khanum and kurt – the dry salty balls similar to cheese. They are made from suzma or from goat milk.

Important: although Fergana is deservedly considered to be one of the most liberal cities in the country, a part of the local population is characterized by very religious views. Of course, it is not recommended to insult believers.

Useful contacts

24/7 Help Desk for Tourists: 8 371 200-00-88 or +998 71 200-00-88

Ferghana airport+998 73 241-60-04


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