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Shakhrisabz is located in Kashkadarya region. The city has a fairly ancient history since it was founded more than 2700 years ago. Its ancient name sounded like "Kesh". Today, more than 100,000 people live here.

How to get to Shakhrisabz

You can reach the city from Samarkand by taxi. The trip will take about an hour and a half as you will have to take a mountain road. However, the duration of the trip is more than worthwhile because of the beautiful landscapes.

The cost of a two-way trip is about $20. For this amount, the taxi driver will not only bring you to the city and back, but also show you the city and recommend you what to eat and where it will be cheaper.

You can also to get to Shakhrisabz from Tashkent from Abu-Sakhiy market. The cost of the trip is about $10. The trip takes approximately 6 hours allowing for stops.


The weather here is very dry and hot. Therefore, it is better to go to the city in March-May, when the heat is not so strong.

What to see in Shakhrisabz

There are many historical monuments and objects of cultural heritage in the city. In order to see the most important of them, you should go to the historic center of the city. Here you can see: Ak-Saray - the remains of Temur's palace; The monument to the hero of the USSR Shadi Sh.; Dorug Tilavat – a memorial complex consisting of the shrine of Shamsad-Din Kulal al-Keshi, in which Amir Turagay is also buried (for those who do not know - Turagay is the father of Temur); The Seyids' dome, also known as Gumbazi Seyidan; Blue Dome or Kok Gumbaz Mosque; ruins of the burial vault of the Temurids dynasty.

What to do in Shakhrisabz

Go to the country and there you can visit Sangirtepa – one of the most important architectural monuments of the city. It is a large hill surrounded by the wall. A Zoroastrian temple was discovered here as a result of the previously made excavations.

The temple is a building that includes a number of auxiliary rooms and a central hall with an altar. It is considered one of the most ancient cult buildings in the Central Asia.

Tourists also will be interested in the remains of the city wall. In particular, there is a small rampart not far from the suburban village Kumyrtepa. Initially, this structure occupied the territory of more than 70 hectares. It was built from the rough brick of round shape. This fact led to the conclusion that initially the construction took place in the 5-6 century BC. With the passage of time, the construction has undergone repeated reconstruction and repair works.

Not far from this settlement, there are also remains of the ancient capital of the khanate - the city of Nutaka.

In Shakhrisabz itself, on the shore of Shurabsay river, there is an ancient city citadel. For those who like to get up early, this place will be interesting not only from a historical point of view, but also because it has a stunning view. Especially lucky for those who catch the sunrise here.

In your free time, you should also visit the city bath. It is interesting as it was built in the 15th century.

Where to go with children

There are various attractions for children in the historic part of the city. There is also a concert platform, where local bands (vocal and dance) often perform.

What to buy

The city has been famous for its potters for a long time. Therefore, the first thing that is worth to notice when choosing souvenirs for the loved ones is the local pottery.

Where to stay in Shakhrisabz

"Shakhrisabz Yulduzi" or "Star of Shakhrisabz" hotel is a 3-star hotel. It is located not far from the Ak-Saray Palace.

The next most popular place among tourists is the Ak-Saray tourist area. It is noteworthy that it under full self-sustainment. That is, it does not depend on the city. You can travel around the tourist zone by the constantly running electric cars. Here you can find a good hotel and many small cafes.

Where and what to eat

Among all dishes of the local cuisine, it is recommended to pay special attention to the meat baked in a tandoor (clay oven) in Shahrisabz style. Particularly, it is recommended to taste lamb cooked in this style.

By the way, the food here is very cheap comparing to Samarkand or Tashkent. If you want to try the real Shakhrisabz cuisine, you should not go to a restaurant, but to small cafes and canteens.

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